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Error 1103 Write Protected


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In the last few days, I have been getting error message 1103 - write protected - on my daily backups from one external USB drive to another external USB drive, having previously successfully backed up the same folders to the same destination for the past year or so. I do not get this error if I backup from an internal hard drive to the same external USB drive.


I am running Retrospect Express HD for Windows v 1.1.127 on XP Pro SP2.


The error message reads: Normal backup using DirectBackup2. To Backup Set Restore Point. Scanning incomplete - error 1103 - write protected.


I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program without any success.


Any suggestions much appreciated...



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Greetings Henry,


I've just encountered the same problem and came across your post while seeking a solution. I've since managed to solve the puzzle.


The problem has nothing to do with your software but rather with your hardware. Chances are your external hard drive is faulty (bad sectors), or the Partition Table is corrupt. My suspicions were raised when I attempted a 'Recovery Console' repair from the Win XP CD and arrived at the 'C' prompt, and not the usual 'C:\Windows' prompt asking for the Administrator Password. I've since run CHKDSK /r, Retrospect now works fine (despite the bad sectors found on my hard drive).


Maybe it's time to change your hard drive (I've had quite a few showing bad sectors lately).




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