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Server claims client deferred when it didn't in proactive backup

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I have 2 windows clients (Win2k, and WinXP) of about 40 that are causing problems in my backup. Both are running the most recent client version (7.5.116). I am running Retro multi-server v7.5.285. Backup is using a couple of proactive backup scripts, with the clients evenly split between them.


Here's what happens:

1) Client appears to running normally; I've reinstalled it a couple of times to see if it changes anything; it doesn't. Client firewall has appropriate holes for the server (works fine on all other clients).

2) Server can communicate with client fine. Normal immediate or fixed-time scripted backups go without a hitch.

3) When the proactive backup script tries to backup the client, the server log file gets filled with messages saying that the client deferred the backup every 1-5 minutes. Of course the client did no such thing.

4) Because of this, the remainder of the clients in the proactive script don't ever get touched or backed up.


Anybody see somthing like this or know the solution?




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