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Deleting/Moving Restore Points and Restoring Questions


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I'm a new user and just getting my feet wet with this great application.


Recently I began to run out of space on my C: drive, and discovered that the Restore Point folder was the biggest space user. Should I go ahead and delete some of these restore points? Is it safe to do so manually?


If not, perhaps I should just move them to my external hdd. If this would be a better option, could you tell me how to do that (maybe just a simple copy and paste?). Since the restore folder is taking up so much space, i've already instructed the software to make future restore points on my external drive.


Also, I was wondering if someone could walk me through a typical Hdd failure/backup scenario. I recently had a (black screen of death) scare that almost convinced me to use a backup, but I realized that I had no idea how to do this. Thanks for your assistance.

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