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Grooming out forgotten machines

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Is it possible to groom out forgotten machines completely out of a disk set with out recycling it?


I ask this because each week I copy the most recent snapshots of the disk set to tape and it keeps including these old long dead machines.


Also if I recycle the disk set then anyone attempting to use the UIR won’t be able to access older snapshots.



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hi he,


i think you can manually remove those snapshots from the backup set by going to 'Configure->Backup Sets', pick your Backup Set and double click or click 'Properties'. go to the 'Snapshot' tab and you should see them all, then highlight the one's you want to get rid of and click, 'Forget'.


i don't think that the automated Grooming feature will do this.



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“Works Great” has now been downgraded to “tediously slow”. Removing one snapshot is fairly straight forward, but to remove multiple snapshots is a PITA! There is also a 30-60 second wait time for Retrospect to ‘forget’.


As a feature request, being able to select multiple snapshots in this window would be a great addition. Being able to sort be different columns would also help.

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