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Retrospect Client needs to be manually restarted each day


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Well, here's another newbie question.


I am running Retrospect Professional on a Windows XP box. I have two clients, at the moment, a Mac OS X (latest updates) and a Windows XP (latest updates), each of which runs Retrospect Client software.


On the Mac, the Client Software runs in the usual fashion, and Professional does its incremental backups every night. No problem.


On the PC, if I don't re-start the Retrospect Service each day before the automatic backup runs, Retrospect does not recognize the client. When I go to Start:Programs:Administrative Tools:Services and check Retrospect Client as a service, it *is* running before I manually turn it off and then back on.


Does anyone know how to make the Retrospect Client work properly on the PC client, so it will work without this manual intervention each day.


Thanks in advance,


Ted Dushane

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