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Retrospect Pro 7.5.285 commandeered tape 10+hrs; Sick of waiting!!


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How long does it take Retrospect to decide there is no applicable data on a "Travan NS20" tape, and hand control back to me, so I can erase the bloody thing; or retension, eject or anything else I wish.

As soon as I put the tape in, it took control - about 5am this morning, it is now 4:36pm.

I do see messages/info: Running, Busy..., (Content unrecognized).


There is not even a lapse, so I can eject, always get the Error: "No can do, 'Busy'"


My previous posting:

("Problem") erasing "Travan NS20" tapes.

#73449 - 07/07/06 01:20 AM




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