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Retrospect Helper - error in logs

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When SBS emails me its daily report at 6am, I am getting this:


"Auto-started Services Not Running



Service Name

Retrospect Helper

Total auto-started services not running: 1


In normal conditions, these services should be running. For details, it is recommended that you review errors in the Event log related to the service."


Is this an issue, and if so, what should I do about it?

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Rev drive: Internal IDE


Actually, I also have a Lacie external USB drive that I run a full system backup to every 2 days as well, because the secretary often forgets to put the cartridges in. Kinda of a backup for the backup!


But, I think this problem has existed for a while, since before I put the Lacie in.


From the beginning of the Operations Log:


+ Retrospect version 7.0.326

Launched at 2/6/2006 3:22 PM in user account QVS\Administrator

+ Retrospect Update, version

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From elsewhere:


"The Retrospect helper is set to automatic, but it does not run continuously. Confusing I know. It will normally not be started and this is correct. The Retrospect Launcher is always started."



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