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DRcovery process worked until restoring files.


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2 weeks ago I purchased a yamaha CRW3200EZ EIDE internal cd r/w drive and installed it


on my WinXP pro system. I chose the drive because it was supported (among other


reasons). Shortly, afterwards I created a disaster recovery CD-R and complete backup


set. My hardware has not changed since.




Without long boring details. . .


My os was trashed this weekend and after struggling with it for half a day and


getting it back then losing it again, I decided to turn to my DRecovery set to restore it.




Since the final state of the file system was a mess with cross-linked files etc.,


I formatted it and then




1. I booted from the DR cd fine.




2. The temp os was installed and it rebooted again


(from disk since I had removed the DR CD as per the directions.




Note: After coming up it eventually took me to a screen that asked me to add user accounts


(up to 5) which I did. I mention this because the directions say it will automatically log


you into the administrator account but it didn't.




3. I selected one of the accounts It just created (which was an adminstrative account though


not the adminstrator account) and sure enough Retrospect desktop came up and RBE ran.




4. Everything was fine UNTIL I got to the point of clicking the button to go ahead and restore


Then after a the scan box popped up and when finished an error was displayed saying that


there was no backup device attached to the system




After canceling the backup (but still in RBE) I brought up the devices window and it showed


both my hard drive and my yamaha CRW3200EZ drive as though it "saw" the device.


Further attempts were the same.






Can anyone explain what might have happened here?




I found a couple things mentioned in the knowledge base that "might" be the


cause but in ea. case not all the particulars matched up.



















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Before getting into my discoveries let me say that I will update this again soon because I found a work-around that allowed me to restore my system but I want to test it some more before posting it.






I tried the DRecover thing several more times and have some additional information I've discovered since my original post.




1) The symptom I described in #4 above fits the description of a problem outlined in the


Contents ->troubleshooting -> backup issues section of the RBE Help as follows:




A tape or CD-R drive does not appear in the storage devices window:


Go to Configure>Devices and check the device status. If the driver name listed for your device does not appear in boldface, some other software loaded a driver inappropriately, keeping Retrospect Express from using its own driver. Determine which other device driver is loading and disable it.




This is exactly how it appeared to me (driver not listed).


The only problem is that this is a BACKUP error description not a RESTORE error.




"IF" that is indead what happened then the question now is:




Why did RBE build a DR boot disk that either didn't have the yamaha driver, didn't load the


yamaha driver, or allowed the os to load some other driver first during the recovery phase?






I did bring up the configuration manager tool from the system tools and the only system


driver I saw that seems to relate to the cd was cdfs (which is the WinXP driver).








2. I now have a pretty good idea why I was not logged in as administrator as the docs said


I should be but had to create at least one account and then log into it before RBE ran.


When I disabled the "Use the Welcome Screen" option under Control panel->


User accounts ->Change the way users log on or off and then rebooted I was taken right


into the admin account. Having multilple accounts at the creation of the CDRecovery disk


may also be another factor that affects this. I had both and changed both.





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As promised I have posted a solution to this BUT I decided to start a new thread at top level


so more people would have a chance to see it. Rather than it being buried down here.




It is entitled: 1 SOLUTION TO: DR fails - error no backup device!


Posted On 6/2/2002 by me (jd91651)





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