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cannot "duplicate" two volumes to folders on a third disk in one job


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This is my amazon review (it will be edited when either the bug or the lack of a feature noted in the next paragraph is ever fixed, making this product useful to me):


I had a simple need: a nightly backup to maintain mirror images of two drives onto a third drive.

Unfortunately the very latest Retrospect version 7.5 (with web update to 7.5.285) breaks the dragging feature (to Retrospect folders) which is the only possible way to do the two backups in one nightly job (since it also lacks a feature to select two volumes without using a Retrospect folder). But also the scheduler does not have the crucial feature of allowing you to schedule one job to start after the other finishes (and bad things happen if they overlap).


So this software is not usable for my very simple backup purposes.


If this was not enough, evidently you need to turn off write caching for an external USB (backup) drive in order to avoid random errors from Retrospect. The support site does not mention this workaround.


This product appears to be a mature professional product -- just not good enough for the typical home user who needs a bug-free product.

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