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Will be using 7.5 to take my current HD and place on a new one....need help

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Hello all, As stated above, I am using 7.5 to make complete backups of my entire HD twice a week. This is on a Dell Inspiron Laptop with a 60 gig HD. I have bought a new 100gig, 7200 rpm Hitachi internal HD that should be here by the end of next week.


What I would like to do is take everything on this HD and transfer it all to the new, blank HD. I have been looking through the manual and just keep getting more and more confused. I was warned by one person to make sure that since I am going to a larger HD, that 7.5 won't limit my HD space to the 60 I have on this one. I do not have any partitions on this drive and plan on using none on the new drive.


Can anyone walk me through the process. I am running XP Home with all the service packs and updates and would like to preserve all of that. I have numerous security programs and a password storage program that I would like to remain intact as well. I guess what I want to do is dublicate all the data on this drive to the new drive and have all the extra space left for adding to in the future.


I use a Bible Library program called Libronix and I have thousands of Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries and other books in it. I have it all on this drive so I can take all the data with me where ever I go.


Again, if anyone can advise me how to start this off (I mean I even have to put the new drive in the old caddy so I am really starting from scratch here) and get it copied exactly. I had another HD on this computer that crashed about a year ago and I did manage to get all my data back onto this one but I can't exactly remember how and that was an emergency restore (disaster recovery) I think. I also do not have the CD that you are supposed to make when you first install the program. For some reason it would not work and I just got the writtien instructions so I guess I will be beginning with the Windows disk that came with the computer. From there, where do I go????????


Please help if you can or point me to an article that can help me out. I thank you with all my heart in advance.



Mike wink.gif

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Hello Mike


1. Verify what windows service pack you have installed. (right click on my computer and select properties)

2. Perform a backup of your C: using retrospect.

3. Copy the catalog file to your external drive.

4. Re-install windows from the CD that came with the computer and also make sure you re-install the same windows service pack that you noted in step 1.

5. Install Retrospect. Update Retrospect by clicking on Retrospect updates from the Retrospect help menu. After updates restart your system.

6. Copy the boot.ini file (hidden operating system file) from your C: to the external drive.

Note: To unhide the boot.ini file go to my documents>click folder options on the tools tab>view tab>select show hidden files and folders>unselect hide protected operating system files (recommended).

7. Double click on the catalog file you copied to the external drive and Retrospect will open.

8. Select restore>restore>switch to advanced mode>restore entire volume>select source>select the backup set to restore>select destination and choose your C:>select replace>click restore.

9. Once the restore in done, before you restart your system, you need to copy the boot.ini file from the external drive to your C:, then restart your system.




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