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network error 519 while backing up wirelessly

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i am trying to back up remotely using a wi-fi network (802.11g), and just a bit into any backup it fails with a 519 error. it seems to happen most often when it is through the scanning step and just starting to backup files. not only does the backup stop on the server, but the client turns off and something takes the entire network down. i need to power cycle the wi-fi router, and manually turn the client back on, then start the backup again, but same behavior occurs.


any ideas what is going on and how to fix? thx in advance.


server: retrospect 6.1.126 on a mac ibook running macos 10.4.6.

client: retrospect client 6.1.107 on a powerbook G4 running macos 10.4.6.

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Hi Joe,


This is just a thought, but perhaps the actual transfer of data from Retrospect is overpowering the router.


Are both machines connecting wirelessly? Can you cable both machines and disable wireless interfaces and attempt a backup then?


Check to make sure your router has the most current stable firmware. You might also post what model router you have, other users here may be able to relate their experiences.

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