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Pre upgrade (6.0 -> 7.5 ) questions

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Hi all,


I'm giving thought to upgrading my Retrospect Multi Server Edition 6.0.206 to the current 7.5 release. I'm particularly interested in the D2D and grooming abilities, but need to make sure I have some concepts down before I ask the money managers for the expenditure.


1) Currently I back up to a 15 tape AIT-2 autoloader, and usually get about a terrabyte of backups out of those 15 tapes, which is about 2 weeks worth of data. Are there any recommended minimum drive specs for a D2D setup to hold a comparable amount of data with maximum performance? Guidelines on SCSI vs Firewire vs internal SATA card?


2) Is there a simple way to snapshot my D2D content to tape to store offsite? I'd love to just have D2D backup daily, and copy those to tape every week, if possible. Reading the forum, I see mention of a Transfer Snapshots function- is this what I'm looking for?





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Hi Steve,


I'll field question 2 -


The Transfer Snapshots function is what you would be looking for. Say you backup to disk all week, each day after the first time you backup you're just backing up the incremental data from your sources. When you get to the end of the week and want to put some of that backup on tape you can use Transfer Snapshot with the option to 'Transfer the most recent snapshot for each source.' This allows you to use the Friday (or most recent) snapshot in your disk backup set to transfer all the data backed up from each source. This is termed a 'synthetic full.'


EMC has a white paper describing disk to disk to tape backups more thoroughly:


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Regarding grooming:


If I groom out old data, am I removing old versions of files that are changed in each snapshot, or am I removing old files that have been in the set for a long time?


I assume that if I'm keeping the last 10 snapshots, and snapshots are full restore points, I'm only discarding version 11 and beyond of files that have multiple versions in the snapshot. If a file didn't change between snapshot # 1 and 11, is it still available for a restore, or is it purged, since it's in the oldest snapshot group?

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