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Assertion failure at "loadcon.cpp-3596"

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We have a consistent, repeatable problem when using Retrospect 7.0 with our Dell PV136T Tape Library.

Our version of Retrospect is:

Multi Server

Version 7.0.344

Retrospect Update, version

The server is a Dell 2850 with Windows Server 2003 SP1.

The library is a Dell PV136T with the following firmware:

Library Firmware 3.33.0002

RMU Firmware 188D.00001

It has 6 LTO2 Tape drives, 60 Library slots (10 magazines of 6 slots each) and 12 import-export slots (2 magazines of 6 slots each).


The problem occurs when trying to move multiple tapes from the library slots to the Import-Export slots. If all six tapes in a given magazine are selected such that the entire magazine shows up highlighted on the screen and an attempt is made to move all six of these tapes to the import-export slots at once, an assertion occurs and Retrospect abends.

The error is: Assertion failure at "loadcon.cpp-3596"


Moving six or more tapes to other library (non import-export) slots works fine. Moving six or more tapes "from" the Import-Export slots to the tape library magazines works fine. The error only occurs when trying to move an entire magazine or more of tapes "to" the Import-Export slots. We have been working around the problem by moving, at most, five tapes at a time to the import-export slots.


I cannot remember for sure, but this problem may have started occurring after the 7.0.344 Application Security Update was installed. We may not have had the problem before that, but as I said, I am not sure, it could just be that we did not notice the problem.


Has anyone else experienced this problem.



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