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Server Backup of ASIP 6.3.3

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I know the forums are full of questions about the backing up of Appleshare IP servers with retrospect 5, but I feel I must ask again.




One of my clients has purchased from us a Lacie AIT 3 15 slot tape library - This is running from a G4 800 with 39160 SCSI card and OS 9 / X (We have tried both.)




The servers that are trying to be backed up are a combination of ASIP 6.3.1 and 6.3.3




The 6.3.1 servers back up fine, but the 6.3.3 servers crash half way through the backup process. This has also bought the entire network down on one occassion.




All the latest patches have been applied and many of the suggested tweaks and workarounds in this forum (I am awaiting the results of a backup from mounted drives)




Do you have any suggestions as to how to get these to backup until your long awaited patch is released. Or have you an ETA for the patch.




All the Servers are on switched Gigabit ethernet.




Thanks in advance.





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Freezes during a backup of ASIP are still under investigation.




We consider this to be a matter of the highest priority, and we will provide additional information on these issues as soon as we have anything significant to report.




For details of the problems being reported, please see:





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Dantz has been investigating several problems that customers have reported when backing up an AppleShare IP server with Retrospect 5.0. Reported problems include:




1) The ASIP server crashes when Retrospect 5.0 autolaunches or is launched


from an alias.




2) The ASIP server crashes at the beginning of a backup with the Retrospect


5.0 client.




3) Retrospect returns "error 1 (unknown)" for some files backed up from an


ASIP server with the Retrospect 5.0 client.




Our investigation has revealed that these problems result from using Carbon APIs with AppleShare IP software. Problem #1 occurs when any Carbon application is launched from an alias, confirming our contention that it is not a Retrospect issue. Retrospect 5.0 uses HFS+ file system calls, as specified by Apple, which stimulate bugs in the AppleShare IP software,


resulting in Problems #2 and #3.




We have reported all of these problems to Apple, but Apple's development efforts are now focused on Mac OS X Server. Without a commitment by Apple to address these problems, we have no choice but to suggest that our customers consider replacing AppleShare IP with Mac OS X Server.








Dantz Development


Technical Support



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