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Problem with restore


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I attempted to upgrade the drive in a laptop from a 6GB to a 30GB drive. The computer is running Windows 2000. I did a complete backup of the 6GB drive to an external firewire hard drive using Retrospect Express 5.6.132. The backup seemed to go just fine. I also created an emergency boot CD from an ISO image.




I then swapped in the 30GB hard drive. I booted from the emergency CD and everything seemed to work just fine. After the emergency CD installed Windows it then launched Retrospect and I navigated to the backup set that I saved to the firewire hard drive. It appeared to restore the entire backup set to the 30 GB hard drive, just as it should.




The computer then rebooted and *should have* loaded my restored system. However, the computer would not boot into Windows. I received the following error message almost immediately upon attempting to boot the system:




"Windows 2000 could not start because of a computer disk hardware configuration problem. Could not read from the selected boot disk. Check boot path and disk hardware."




I know the hardware is good, and in fact Retrospect appeared to restore the entire backup set to the hard drive. I tried it a second time, including a complete reformat of the 30GB hard drive, but got the same result.




I'd appeciate any ideas on what might be causing this.




Take care,


Alan Gomes

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Dear Melissa,




Thanks for your very helpful post. I checked out the article and it provided me with what I needed to figure out the problem.




It turns out that the original 6GB drive had two partitions: a 512MB (unidentified) partition that contained diagnostic software used for checking out the Omnibook 6000's hardware, and a 5.5GB (NTFS) partition that was used for the basic operation of the computer. Windows was configured to load from the 5.5GB partition (i.e., partition #2). The 30GB drive was formatted as a single partition (i.e., partition #1). After restoring to the 30GB drive, Windows attempted to load from partition #2, which no longer existed.




I could have fixed the problem in either of two ways: (1) re-partition the 30GB drive to match the configuration of the 6GB drive and restore Windows to partition 2; or (2) keep the 30GB drive as one partition but modify the boot.ini file to instruct Windows to load from partition 1.




I chose option #1. I thought it wouldn't hurt to have the 512MB partition with the diagnostic software on it, and so I reconfigured the 30GB drive that way.




It now works great! Thanks much for pointing me to the solution.






Alan Gomes

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