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Loosing Catalog Information on External Maxtor HD


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Product: Two Maxtor Externel USB 300GB Disk


Software: Restropect HD 1.1


I have two external disk that I use to backup my XP computer. I have notice that both disk have lost the catalog information (therefore I could not see restore points). I was able to rebuild the catalog on one external disk. But, it have lost about a week of information.


Could any explain how it is possible to loose catalog information on both External Disks? Any solutions?

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Hello Nero4444.


Losing the catalog file will not cause you to lose data.


you can lose data if the data gets corrupted. Have you had any power outages or had to shut down your system with the power button? These things can cause data corruption and loss. Do you run defrag on your external drive? If not, your data can become corrupt.


What is the file system of the external drives? How much free space do you have on these drives?




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Morning retrorespet


Thanks for you reply.


Start of each week the external drive are changed over. This means, switch it off and disconnect it from the PC, then connect the other external drive. Have not defrag external drive, file system on the external drive is FAT. Out of 300GB it had about 4GB free.


The data is on the disk but, the catalog can not see the information, therefore, it can not rebuild the restore points.

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Good morning Nero4444,


If you move the catalog file from the retrospect restore points folder and put it on the root of your your external drive, then launch HD, HD does not perform back up maintenance and rebuild the catalog?


If your catalog file doesn't get rebuilt, then you could have some corrupted .rdb files or a corrupted config files.


Also, when you power off the drives, do you safely remove the hardware from the icon on the systray first? If not, this can cause corruption to the data on the external drive.


What exact version of HD are you using? 1.1.??

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