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Any word on release of new 7.5 client?...the Fast one?


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1. Current 7.5 client release has major network speed bug (10MB/min).


2. Present solution is to use earlier 7.0.xxx client to achieve acceptable backup speeds.


3. Information "Iside This Thread " claimed a new release of client was going to be made...and would correct this (and other) problems.


4. The last release was over 2 months ago (2006-02-07). Since this is a code fix not a complete re-write I would assume this could be done quickly.


5. I also would presume some testing of network backups of a a $500 piece of softare was performed and that this sort of BIG BUG would be detected before release.

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hi nudge,



6. Also - When coding perhaps they could fix (for the client) to open the files in backup mode so that the last access time of each file isn't changed.



you mean fix windows? that's a tall order. it's the API Retrospect uses. just like the one used by Explorer. you should not rely on the 'last access time' as it is inherently unreliable. see more on this subject here:


more info on last access

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Thanks Waltr,


If you notice I started that thread wink.gif


What I'm saying is it is possible, without too much effort, to not modify the access date.

There are several file copy utilities out there that specifically allow you to choose whether to modify the access dates of files they copy. XXCOPY and ROBOCOPY to name two.


All that is required is a API call to getfiledateinfo before backing up the file, and a call to setfiledateinfo after backing up the file. (no, thats not the exact function name, but I have myself written C++ code to use the right one before, I just don't want to look it up right now)


Note: these calls would only be necessary for those versions of windows that change the access time when the file is opened and read in 'backup' mode.


As I said, the programming is VERY simple...and as such...if they are going to release a new client anyway...why not add this ability there.

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hi nudge,


i know, just nudging you.


did you ever put this one in the suggestion box?




i won't make any comment on how simple or not this is. i program too, and whenever i hear someone say, "it's simple", i wonder what they are not thinking of.....


just something to think about. i'll stop hijacking your thread now.

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