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Pushing upgrade from server: 5.6 to 7.5, no client control panel but still works?

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We have been using 5.6 for a while without any problems. Recently we were sold on upgrading to the latest version. I was told by EMC that I could push an upgrade from our server successfully. After trying that, it appears that 7.5 does get installed (and operational after rebooting) but there is no Retrospect control panel available. It seems to be only available after installing the 7.5 client from the client.

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After pushing the upgrade from the server to the client and then rebooting the client afterwards, the client's "control panel" is not accessible nor anywhere to be found. I tested this on a couple machines running v5.6 and had the same issue. I did also try doing an upgrade from the actual client and that seemed to work fine. Note that on the clients that I upgraded from the server, they are backing up fine - they just doesn't have a client "control panel".


Here are the retro 7.5 files installed via the host initiated upgrade:



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Waltr - A little tiny notification box comes up and says "Retrospect client is already running".


I'm glad that I don't have to upgrade 100's of clients via the host like EMC claims I can. This is looking more like I have to do it manually.


I am going to try to push the install again from the host and see what it does...

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Chip, were you ever able to solve this?


I've also run into this issue as well upgrading from ver 7 client to 7.5 via active directory rollout.


Although oddly if I re-run the exact same installer locally that the AD ran the Program Files shortcuts come back. Then I can access the control panel again.





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