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How to backup "All Files Except Cache Files" and music files

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Create one of your own. Create a custom selector that Include(s) the "All Files Except Cache Files" selector, and then Exclude(s) whatever you mean by music files (all mps3 and wmas wherever, only these file types within a certain directory tree or trees [paths], etc.).

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hi johnny,


i agree with what go says, but i prefer another way.


go to 'configure->selectors' and highlight 'all files except cache files', right click and pick 'duplicate'. name it something like 'all files except cache & music'-->you may have to work with this as i think there is a limit to the number of characters.


highlight the new selector and click 'edit'. now you can add rules to the bottom of the selector. i like this better because i can see all the options at once including the built in ones.


you could also just edit the 'all files except cache files' selector directly, but then you'd be stuck if you wanted to use that as a template for another, future selector, such as 'all files except cache and movies', or whatever.


whatever you choose to do, remember to check your selector by highlighting it, clicking 'edit' and clicking the blue check box. it will let you run the selector against some volume so you can make sure you've made the right selections.

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This will work too, but if Dantz/EMC changes the "All Files Except Cache Files" selector (update, upgrade, etc.) you won't get the changes since you've created a static copy. And if you've edited the actual selector, you'll lose your changes when an update overwrites the selector. The daisy-chain selector method will inherit the changes without any effort.

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I make extensive use of nested selectors. It makes it a lot easier to manage as time goes on.


I create selectors for things like "Music", "Movies", "Pictures", etc. Then I can create a selector named "Desktop" that includes matched by all but cache and excludes matched by music, pictures, etc.


Then again my retrospect is extremely unreliable so maybe I am not the best person to take advice from.


Good luck,



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