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Locating for 17 hours

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I'm restoring a backup from two Travan NS-20 tapes. I go through the restore routine and when the restore starts, the dialog box says "Locating". I go home for the day and when I come back to work it still says "Locating". I rebuilt the catalog (no problems doing that) and started another restore. Now I'm getting the same behavior. 17 hours seems like more than enough time to locate the files, or am I being impatient? Any ideas on how to get my restore restoring? Thanks

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I've had a few instances where Retro has been "locating" for unreasonable amounts of time -- as much as 5 hours once. It sits there making the tape drive whirr, not actually getting anything done. In all of these cases, it has eventually finished whatever it thinks it's doing and gone on with the backup (or restore). I have no idea why this happens. Maybe someone from Dantz can comment...







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From what you've described it sounds like your tape drive is having trouble locating the correct spot on your tape. The way this works is that Retrospect tells the tape drive the place on the tape to look, then the drive tries to find that spot. In the rare case that it is not able to find that spot, it either returns an error or (as you've seen) "locates" seemingly forever.




Without a bit more detail it's difficult to say exactly (for example, there are several Travan drives taht are unsupported under OS X). Here are some suggestions, but if you are still having problems, please provide details on your configuration.




This is usually caused either by trouble with your media, your drive, or some other problem along your Mac's device communication chain. Does this happen when you try to restore from any other tape? If so, it's probably not a bad tape. To troubleshoot, first clean the heads on the drive. If you've never done it before, get a cleaning tape and clean them a few times. Then try again.




If this doesn't help, try isolating the drive on your computer. Take any other devices off the chain and try the restore with the drive hooked directly to the computer (if it's an external device). If this doesn't work, use a different cable to connect the drive. If this doesn't do it, try using a different terminator. Finally, if you're still having problems, take the drive to another Macintosh.




If you still have problems, can you provide a bit more detail on your configuration?




Retrospect Version and build


Computer Model and speed


OS X version and build


Device (from Retrospect's Configure > Devices > Device Status window)


Device firmware (in the version column of the Device Status window)


Device interface


Media brand and size


Other Devices




If an external device, please provide:


Adapter Card


Adapter Card firmware


Adapter Card driver for OS X








Irena Solomon


Dantz Tech Support



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In my case, the 4 to 5 hour locate happened only once with each of my backup sets. In particular, the first time I backed up to a set under Retrospect 5 on Mac OS X I got the really-long-locate-time behavior. It hasn't happened again since. Each of these sets had previously been used with Retrospect 4.3 on OS 9.2.2. I knew to expect that I'd get a "full" rather than incremental backup on that first run. I just didn't expect 4+ wasted hours locating at the beginning.




I'm running 10.1.4, Retrospect 5.0.??? (the latest one, .205 ??), PowerMac G4 Digital Audio Dual 533MHz, 640MB, stock 40GB disk, external DLT1 drive. The only unsupported thing about my configuration is the SCSI card: an Adaptec 29160. The tape drive is the only device on the SCSI chain, termination is good. The whole setup has been running like a champ, all but that initial problem with locating "forever".











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