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Recovering old catalogs, after a complete windows volume restore


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We have just restored the windows volume in our server.


It worked very well and we are most pleased.


Now however Retrospect does not see the data on our tapes and hard drives that it backed up during the time between the "crash" and the "restore point" we restored from.


The catalog files were moved to a removable HD so we still have them.


I am wondering, can we move the old catalog files to an appropriate place and have Retrospect detect them? Or must we recatalog all of the various tape/HD backup sets?


For now we are creating a new backup set to a new tape to be safe. Please tell us the best way to proceed.


Thanks in Advance,

Ben Watson

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You can use the different versions of the catalog files by going to Configure>Backup Sets and selecting More>Open and opening the catalog files.


Or you can use the existing catalog files and use the "Update Catalog" function to add the data that Retrospect is currently not aware of. This is much quicker than rebuilding the entire catalog file. This is accessed by going to Tools>Repair Catalog and use th default option "Update Existing Catalog."

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