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Retrospect 4.3, OS9.2.2 & Spressa CRX100E

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Hello everyone,




It's been a long night - I just installed a new hard drive in my Pismo and am going about reinstalling all my software. It's been about a year since I last did this, and I know that I had to do the extension hokey pokey with my Sony Spressa CD-RW drive and Retrospect Express, but I honestly can't remember what I had to do.




I did go and read the knowledge base and followed the links out, but the CharisMac site is even less usable than I recall. I can't make heads or tails of what I need from that site. I've got a set of backups I need to get on my new drive, but I can't do that until Retrospect and the Spressa make nice with each other.




What, exactly, do I need to do in order to get Retrospect to find and use my Sony Spressa CRX100E?




Thanks in advance!

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