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Configuration advice: my ext USB drive or Linkstation NAS as Backup Drive?


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I'm about to configure our home/office for Retrospect 7.0 back-up. I have two free drives --a Maxtor external USB 2.0 and a Buffalo Linkstation NAS.


I want to use one drive as a digital media "server" and the other drive as the Retrospect Backup drive (including back-up of the media server). [All things equal, I'd rather use the NAS as the digital media server]


Which drive should I use as the Retrospect Backup?



Why am I asking this question:


1. The Buffalo LinkStation is not a certified Retrospect drive and sync issues have been raised in the forums (at least regarding the Mac)


2. The Retrospect manual describes XP network mapping to NAS (as a backup drive) as acceptible, but then discourages its use.



Thanks for the help.


Additional information : system = mixture of desktop and laptops running XP over mixed wired/wireless network.

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hi woody,


as you note, you could do this either way without any problems. however, since you are looking for advice i would put the media on the NAS and the backup on the USB drive, all things (like the size of the disks) being equal between the two. my reasoning is i like the backup to be on a local drive. also, i feel like the media would be more readily available for other computers on the network.


however, it's really kind of a wash. if you aren't getting errors doing it the oposite way i wouldn't change it.

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