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Error 1102 - Drive Missing/Unavailable


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Suddenly my OneTouch button opens Retrospect, but does not backup anything. It has worked perfectly for a couple of years, but now it gives me an error message: "Script "Maxtor OneTouch" failed during automatic execution, error - 1102 (drive missing/unavailable). Please launch Retrospect Express and check the log for details." When I launch the log, it tells me the same thing. There is nothing wrong with the drive; it is found in Windows Explorer and My Computer. But when I open the Retrospect "Manage Scripts" dialog, and double click the Maxtor OneTouch script and press the "Destination" button, I find two OneTouch drives listed, both identical except that when I look at the properties of the first listed it tells me that is is "offline". Obviously, that is my problem -- Retrospect is trying to backup to an offline drive. The second listing for that drive shows no such notation, but I can't delete the erroneous offline drive listing to force the program to go to the online listing. I will appreciate any suggestions for getting this thing back to where it was and should be. Many thanks.

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Sorry I am asking what is likely a very dumb question but:


How do I delete the one touch script so I can push the one touch button again to do a new setup?


When I installed everything the first time I set it up to do Duplicates which is the default setup, then realized I want to do Backups instead. But now I just get the dreaded 1102 error message when I try to change the setup or even if I try to do a Duplicate.


Anyway, I'm 56 and no damn good with computers. Still use my slide rule for engineering calcs because it always works, 100% reliable, never goes down and never gives me an error message.



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