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We are currently testing R5 Server on one of our MacOS X Fileservers.


Normally this machine runs with no user logged. R5 is configured to auto start on every day at 10 pm to do an incremental backup. As requested the script starts wether a user (Admin) is logged in or not. But every time the backup is done without any user logged Retrospect stops executing with some privilege errors, opens the logfile window and never quits. The same errors occurs when running with an user logged in but quits the app after backup is done as desired. The privilege errors aren´t the problem (not yet smile.gif), but keep running in login screen and showing errors and the menu bar (which is really crazy at all crazy.gif) is a problem.


Naturally the script and R5 is configured not to stop on any error, so this problem should not occur.




Could anyone please help us?

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We need to know what the exact error is that you are writing about in your post. Can you check your operations log for us and let us know?




What are the exact setup steps to reproduce this?




Thank you for your time!



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