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Spectra Logics 2K SCSI tape library

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Configuration: Xserve G5 10.4.4, ATTO Tech UL3S SCSI Card (with latest driver 3.2.0), Spectra Logic 2K SCSI (Firmware 2203) AIT-3 (firmware 0200) Tape Library, Retrospect 6.1.126, Driver update


Retrospect sees the device and I can move tapes around in the library in the Devices tab, I can also erase tapes if I manually install them in the AIT-3 drive. However when initiating a scripter or immediate backup retrospect pauses at looking for tape (even with erased tape in drive) and must be force quitted. I can perform a disk back up with no problems.


I have run the Sony AIT tape diagnostic and it passes all the test. I have tried it with the latest driver update and without and with termination on and off. I have also tried slowing down the ATTO SCSI card. I have changed the SCSI ids as well.


The SCSI card and Spectra Logic library are on the approved devices list.


Any ideas ?

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One common cause of communication errors is incorrectly set SCSI id's. When using a tape library with Retrospect, you should set the id for the tape drive to 2 and the id for the library to 5. This satisfies the three main guidelines to avoid communication errors:

1) don't have a device on id 0

2) make sure the drive preceeds the loader

3) seperate the drive and the loader by 3 id's


Also be sure that you have the terminator on when you test again. Hopefully this helps.

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