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AIT3 tape capacity


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Hi all,


I'm running Retrospect 6.5.350 MultiServer on a Win2K box, backing up multiple server and desktop Retrospect clients to an AIT3 15 tape library.


I recently noticed that if I go 'Configure > Backup Sets' then choose a set and look at the tape members, some of the members only show 30-40 GB used on the tape, while others go as high as 130 GB or so. My understanding is that AIT3 should be in the range of 100 - 260 GB, *but no less than 100 GB*, so the 30-40 GB used alarmed me a bit.


The tapes using 30 - 40 GB are *not* the last members of the set, which would make more sense (i.e. it's still being used). The tapes are, for example, number 2 and 3 in a 6 member set, which makes no sense.


My question: does anyone know what could be causing this reduced capacity?


A few notes:


1) We are not storing snaphots

2) We are storing the catalog on each member, but the catalog is ~500MB, which doesn't explain the huge capacity reduction.

3) We don't use barcode labels on our tapes: could that be an issue?



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and what is the problem, by the way, with the 29160)?




The symptoms are slow performance, but there may be other problems as well. FYI, we have the 29160 and have never experienced any problems with the (old) drivers currently available from Windows Update.

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