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Back up Mac OSX to Win 2000 Server

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I running Retrospect 6.1.126 on my mac and backing up to a mac volume on a Win2K server with retrospect client 6.5.131 and some of my files are giving me some of the following errors.


different type (scr: text, dest: PDF)

different creator (src: artz, dest: 8BIM)

different resource size ( src: 0;dest: 446)


Any ideas on how to clear this up so I don't get the errors?


The files are being copied up to the Win2K server.


Also some files are always copied even though they have not changed, no error message on these.


Thanks for you help in advance.

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hi pub,


are you sure you are doing a 'backup' and not a 'duplicate'?


Retrospect should not need to compare the creator codes when doing a backup. you indicate that you are able to check the files, so you are probably doing a duplicate.


maybe doing a backup would be a good answer to your problem.

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