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Wrong password after reinstalling backup client - R7


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We are using Retrospect 7.0 to backup all our servers and also to make

pro-active backup of several workstations.


For miscellaneous reasons, I had to uninstall the retrospect client on one

server (the installed release is the one that is currently available for

download on your website). I installed the client back on the server,

entered a password (4 digits only) and tried to add it on the backup clients

database. The concerned computer appeared greyed, I selected it, clicked on

"Add" and next I had to enter the password. At this time, it stops going

fine and problems appears ... Actually, the retrospect server doesn't accept

the password I input ("Sorry, that is the wrong password"). I am sure of

this password. So I tried to uninstall again the Retrospect client and

install it again (reboot when it is asked), selected a new password (4

simple letters that are identical with french ou US keyboard - I want to

avoid some problems ...) and the problem continued to occur.


I checked after the unistalling process that the Dantz folder was rightly

deleted and I don't have any solution to this issue.


Could you please tell me about the process to be able to add the concerned

server back to the backup clients database ?


Both machines are using Windows 2000 Server (no changes made) and french

keyboards. Retrospect releases are the one that are on your website.


Thanks in advance for your help.

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