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retrospect "express" HD backup to slow! (with one touch II)


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I installed the version of retrosect express hd which came with the maxtor one touch II harddisk. Then I startet the backup. It seemd to be very slow, so I left the computer alone to do the backup. After 5 houers it had only saved 900MB of 1,2GB data.

Copying the data manually takes only a few minutes (10-20 minutes or something like this), so I think something is really wrong.

I wrote to the Maxtor Support, and they told me that it could be a conflict with the firewall, so I opend the port that they indicated and tried once again to backup the data. I waitet 2 hours, and after this 2 hours it had only saved 200 and something MB. So it's still to slow!

What can I do?


The computer is running Windows XP Home SP2

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must be another problem, system restore is not enabled.


i am now trying to run the device and the programm with another PC. but it seems that is works there. both computers are running win XP home edition... and have the same software installed. can't see a difference.... ???

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