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Won't "Stay in Retrospect"


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I have 2 problems:


1. I run daily scripts and sometimes don't check them for 3-4 days. When I log-in to the server (Terminal Server) and start up Retrospect, I sometime get "Retrospect is in use". I have to force it to quit, which stops an execution (it appears that it's in use at the Admin level). Usually, the problem was that it's looking for a tape, so I fix that and it begins again. How can I set it to ONLY run in my user window??


2. I have my pref's set to always "Stay in Retrospect" AND to "Automatically Start UP to Run Scripts". It does neither. When I check it after 3-4 days, there are multiple scripts waiting to run and yet right above the Activity Monitor I can see "Stay in Retrospect" selected. I'd like it NEVER to quit, even if I log out of the Terminal Server. What am I doing wrong?


many thanks



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