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Retrospwct crashes on recycle backup


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For the last month or so, the scheduled backups have been regularly hanging when it will start on the recycle backup scheduled at the end of every backup set (once a week). Generally it happens when it tries to 'close' a particular volume (which is on average about 1gb large). This only happens during recycle backups and the rest of the weekly normal / incremental backups works fine. But often this hang isn't noticed for a few days which means that every other backup is put on hold leading to potential disaster ! Can anyone please help explain how to get around this problem ?


I am running Retospect on a Pentium 4 2.4 with 768mb RAM on Windows Server 2003...


Thanks !

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The latest version of Retrospect is 7.0.326. Make sure you have that installed. Afterward be sure to update to driver update version 7.0.10


What else does this machine do? What backup device do you use and how is it connected to the machine?




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