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Major problem after restore


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I am using retrospect express 6.5.342 in XPsp2 backing up to a western digital usb hard drive.


I needed to restore a bunch of files from a backup set, something I have done successfully before. I told it to start, and since it would take a while to complete I went away. When I came back, the system had rebooted and I had a message that the restore had been interrupted.


I went to explorer to see how far the restore had progressed, and could no longer see the drive! The drive in question is a 2nd hard drive, set up as a single ntfs partition.


partition magic sees the drive as containing two unallocated partitions of almost equal size (the size of the first partition is roughly equal to the amount of data that had been on the drive -- I don't know if that's a coincidence or not)


I tried to do a system restore, but that drive for some reason is not included in my system restore configuration.


Is there any hope of getting my hard drive back to the way it was, without losing the data on it?


I know that one false step could eradicate any chance there might be of a complete recovery, so I look forward to reading any advice or suggestions that people have.

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Retrospect cannot corrupt/create/delete partitions. All backup and restore operations work at the filesystem level.


It sounds like the partition table on the drive is hosed or the drive is failing. If this is critical data and you don't have a backup I'd head straight to a data recovery service like Drive Savers.




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