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About backup up to a couple of firewire disks...


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We are evaluating the process of doing backups to several identical firewire disks and have them swapped every month to offsite storage. We will use a disk backup set.


For example, there will be three disks A, B, C with identical specs.

The A drive is off site waiting its turn.

The B drive is connected to the server and the daily backups are written to it.

The C drive is awaiting for a month to pass before being the one used for backups.


When a month has passed, the B drive is no longer used for the daily backups, the C drive is.

During the first few days of the month, a backup transfer will occur from the B drive to tapes. (this way, there will be no blocking of the backup set if I forget to put a tape while the daily backup are going).


When the backup to tapes are done, the B drive is sent offsite. The A drive is then brought back in, connected and waiting for the current month to end before being the drive used for the daily backups.


So, now we are rotating drives every month.


Now, my questions are:


1) How to configure Retrospect to use the correct drive for the month?

2) Does Retrospect knows which drive is which if I connect it to a different firewire connector is should I always connect to the same connector? Essentially, how does Retrospect knows which disk backup set is A, B or C?

3) How about performance to the firewire drives and from the firewire drives to tapes?


Thank you.

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I backup to sets of Firewire disks. I have four scripts, one for each of my four groups of clients. Each script writes to two different disks. One month, to one disk, the next month to another disk. So, this seems to be very similar to your idea. Retrospect knows to write to a particular disk because of its volume label, same as if it were tape media.


As to your question 3, about the speed of moving contents of your Firewire drives to tape, I am running into severe speed problems transferring Snapshots. I already posted a plea for help, but I am not sure that Dantz Retrospect people have really worked this out.

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