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SONY SDX-700C Problems with Backup


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Hi All,


I'm having trouble with the following configuration:


Retrospect Verson 6.5.350, OEM Edition

Adaptec AIC-7899 Ultra160/m SCSI Card

Sony SDX-700C SCSI Sequential Device (AIT 3)


Its a 100GB/260GB (Native\Compressed)


Whats happening it that around 69 - 74GB of the total backup of around 90GB it asking for a new media. but its capable of 100GB Native ????




Media request timeout after waiting 0:20:00

Remaing 64979 files 21.0GB 05:33:18sec

Completed 89124 files 69.3GB 06:33:52sec 495.8MB/min



So Far I have done the following:


Erased the Tapes (All 10 of them)

Deleted and Re-Created the Scripts

Put the NT Passthrough option on (CTRL+ALT P P)


but so far its doing the exact same thing ?


Any ideas ?

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Thanks for your post/comments....






Backup is All Local




Documents range from Access Databases, *.doc, *.xls, *.PST, PDF's etc etc




It should not matter if they are compressed or not, its not even reaching the NATIVE 100GB of the tapes and tape drive !! smile.gif

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Yes, it might matter if the are compressed or not. If your backup was over the network some space on the tape would be wasted as the tape drive starts/stops a lot. This reduces the tape capacity. This combined with already compressed files could explain the capacity you see.


BUT, since your backup is local and the files are the normal variety of non-compressed vs compressed files, I have no explanation for your problem. Sorry.

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I'd like to chime in here:


I'm having a similar problem with a SONY AIT3 SDX-700 drive (with a 15 tape library attached), using Retro Multi-Server 6.5.350 under Win2K, backing up mostly network clients, mixed Mac and Windows. Roughly half our tapes are reporting a paltry 30-40GB used of their native 100GB capacities (!!). This on a switched 10/100 network.


We also have a VXA2 10 tape library, where the native capacity is 80GB. We have almost 50 VXA2 tapes, and not a single one has had less than 80GB stored on it, which makes me suspect something odd about the AIT3.


Docs being backed up in both cases are .doc, .xls, .psd, .pdf, .eml, etc.


PS: any idea why the links referenced in your peevious post are broken (as of 12-21-05)?

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