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guys, what should I be selecting?


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I'm evaluating Retrospect, and hope to be putting it in, replacing BackupExec. It feels like a great product to me, but as a switcher, I'm unsure about that which I'm doing.


Like I said, I'm evaluating it, so no manuals frown.gif so please bare with these simple questions.


I have a server with Exchange on it (for example). When I'm selecting my 'sources' under my backup clients (Say the server is called EXCH-01) which item should I hightlight? Do I hightlight the server (EXCH-01) or should I open it out and select each item individually?


Following this, would a good 'solution' be IN THE PROACTIVE BACKUP to hightlight the machine AND it's drive(s), then unhighlight the 'Exchange Server' and 'Exchange mailboxes'.


Then create 2 'Scheduled' backups: 1 FULL (highlighting the Exchange Server and Mailboxes only) and 1 DIFFERENTIAL (again with the same selections only this time set the Exchange Server option to DIFFERENTIAL so the logs get left untruncated). Run the FULL once a week, and the DIFFS each night.


Is there a more cleaner strategy? Am I mixing it up too much?


Can I litterally highlight all the machines (and not highlight each individual drive under it) in 'proactive' mode and have done with it? Sounds too easy smile.gif


Anyway, let me know wink.gif

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The user guide pdf is in the documentation directory of the Retrospect application folder. You can also get the users guide from the documentation link in the knowledgebase. kb.dantz.com


Check the Exchange section of the manual. It has exactly what you need to know.


Personally I prefer to keep exchange backups in a seperate script from other backups. Everything elese you can just select the clients container as your source and you are all set.




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