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Autoloader problems

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I am having trouble getting retrospect to see that my autoloaders are autoloaders. The first machine is a dual gigahertz G4 with 1 GB of RAM. It is running OS 9.2.2 and retrospect workgroup 5.0.205. The SCSI card is an adaptec 29160 and the autoloader is an adic scalar AIT 220. The loader has an address of 1:2. The text in the device status window is - 1:2 ADIC Scalar AIT 220 6.05 (No driver) The address for the drive in the loader is 1:3. When tapes are put into the drive by hand, the are seen correctly by retrospect. This autoloader worked correctly under retrospect version 4.3.




The second loader I am having the same problem with is an ADIC VLS DLT 400. It is also a dual gig G4 with 1 GB RAM. This computer is running OS 10.1.4 and retrospect workgroup 5.0.205. The SCSI card is also an adaptec 29160. The text for the loader in the device status window is - SCSI-A:2 (Vendor is blank) (Product is blank) 0305 SCSI Tapes are seen correctly by retrospect when manually loader into the drive.




Any help will be greatly appreciated.





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ADIC Scalar AIT 220:


Try setting the SCSI ID's for the devices as follows:


The tape mechanism's SCSI address should be set to 0,1,2, or 3, and the loader's address should be three higher, at 3,4,5, or 6, respectively.






The Adaptec 29160 SCSI card you are using is not qualified for use with Retrospect under OS X. Please see http://www.dantz.com/index.php3?SCREEN=osx_scsi_adapter for a list of supported SCSI Adapters.




Try changing the SCSI ID's as outlined above.




Also, be sure that the drive and the SCSI card have similar pin configurations. A 50 or 68 pin device is not going to like running off a 25 pin card, especially under OS X.




Try a different SCSI Cable and Terminator. If Vendor and Product are still blank, try the drive on another computer and see if it shows up correctly. If, after changing cables, termination, SCSI card and computer, the loader is not showing up correctly, it is possible that you have a drive problem.

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