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Need to do a simple backup -- cannot do it


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Retrospect 6.5, with Exchange Agent

Windows 2003 Server w/ Exchange

Rev Drive, USB 2.0 Interface


All I want to do is to be able to stick a Rev disk in the drive and have Retrospect overwrite the sucker without asking me what to do all of the time. I will mamange my media, I just want Retrospect to back it up for me.


Veritas (sorry to mention that name here) allows the user to override any media protection functions and just nuke the tape or disk. Is this function available in Retrospect?


Or do I have to put some type of an "erase Rev disk" script or a batch file execution in front of each backup?





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This is one thing that Retrospect does not do well. This is by design so that restores are as easy as possible even if the backup requires some media management.


In order to do it you would have to set up a backup that recycles every day to the same backup set. All of your disks will end up being named 1-backup set name. Also, be sure to enable the "automatically reuse prenamed media" preference in the retrospect preferences.




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