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Restoring from desk top to lap top


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Afet 4 hours of trying, I give up.


Hardware :

P4 desktop WIN XP SP2

Maxtor One Touch II

LinkSys Wireless

Laptop on the wireless


I upgraded to 7.0 professional from Express.


I want to restore all iTunes songs to the lap top from the One Touch.


I used the desk top to back up all the iTunes to the One Touch.

I created a .rbc file in the Shared Docuemts folder on the desk top.

The drive on the One touch is shared and I can see it on the lap top.


Then on the lap top, I want to restore.


So on the lap top as the source I open the .rbc that is located on the desk top. (shared folder)



Then I select the destination on the lap top.



Then I select FILES CHOSEN, and select all files.



Options - leave alone



Hit Restore



A window pops up that says "Please Select the backup set member."


I then select

My Network Places

MS Windows Network

[Group Name]

[Computer Name]


And there is the drive named as shared, so happens it's 'P', cause that's the drive letter on the desktop.


So I keep drilling.

Next directory is Retrospect.


Keep drilling

Next directory is the [Name of .rbc file] folder on the One Touch


Keep Drilling

The next folder is 1-[Name of .rbc file]


And that's it.

Can't go any further.


How do I select the "Member" It's there, I can see the drive.


Funny thing about this window there's no OK button.


What am I doing wrong?


TIA for any help.


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The .rbc file is called a catalog file. It is an index of your backed up files but it doesn't actually contain your data. The data is stored on a member disk in a folder called Retrospect. The data itself is in a bunch of segments called .rbf files.


Long story short, Retrospect is asking you where the rbf files are. That is the member it is looking for.




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Long story short, Retrospect is asking you where the rbf files are. That is the member it is looking for.



Hi Nate,


Thanks for the reply, but I don not have any files with the extension of .rbf


The Maxtor contains the segments, but they have the extension of .rdc, and when I point the dialog box to that drive, I am unable to select anything.


Still confused and unable to restore. )-:




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Actually I believe you are looking for ".rdb" files, assuming that you did a disk backup and not a file backup.

A disk backup would have several .rdb files under the following path:

MaxtorHD/Retrospect/(Backup Set Name)/1-(Backup Set Name)/*.rdb


If you have these .rdb files, go to Tools > Repair Catalog > Recreate from Disk > Select your Maxtor HD and you should see the Backup Set name.


Proceed to rebuild the catalog and then try restoring again.

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Thanks, but I do not want to rebuild the files. Should not be necessary. Takes forever over an 811g wireless, too.


The backup set exists on the "server", and all I want to do is restore the exact same file structure to the "client"


I have 'trialed' some cheap B/U software, and they all restore like above in a snap, no problem.

What am I missing?


I could post some screen shots, but why can I not restore FROM my desk top box TO my lap top via a shared network drive?

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I have the catalog - on a different drive / system. I do not understand why I can not restore it to a different computer. I have been testing other chep BU software, and they ALL restore to a different drive / system with NO problem at all. I do not want to drop Retrospect, but how can I restore to my lap top?



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