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TIP: Fixing error -43 (file not found)

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I recently had a Mac OS X client that was getting a -43 error (file not found) in the Retrospect server error log during the scanning phase of backup. The client couldn't be backed up at all because of this error.




Since other clients were getting backed up, I figured the error must be on the client side rather than the server side. The problem was that neither Disk First Aid nor DiskWarrior could find any problems with the disk.




The solution was to boot from the Mac OS X installer CD-ROM, and then use the Disk Utility menu option to run the Mac OS X version of Disk First Aid on the drive. This repaired an "incorrect BSD file type" error on the disk that none of the other disk repair utilities could find.




That solved my problem. Hopefully, it will help other people, too.





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