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Message: "You have not been backed up..."


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Using Retrospect Pro and have created several backup sets which seem to be working correctly. However, I keep getting this message....


"You have not been backed up since Sat., Sep 17, 2005"


Successful backups have been made (daily) since then.


This is when Retrospect was set up. Anyway to get rid of this message?

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Are you backing up just the local machine or are you backing up networked computers? If it is only the local machine, you do not need the Retrospect client installed. You can just uninstall it. If it is from a networked machine, it means that you are backing up through a shared volume rather than through the client. I would recommend backing up through the client if that's the case.

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Thanks for your fast reply. I think I may be confused as to the function of retrospect client. When I first installed the software I was under the impression that I needed to create a client on the local machine. Then it dawned on me that that was not necessary that the two free client licenses were for network computers (I have two other networked PCs). But I thought that the software retrospect client was what was running the automated backups each night.


So my backup is for files on the local machine and folders on 2 other networked computers. Should I still delete retrospect client and if so will my automated backups continue to function correctly?


I hope I am not confusing this further.

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Thanks for your message.




If I understand your message correctly, I think I may need to keep the retrospect client running on this local machine because I do have an automated backup scheduled for the second networked PC (that backup only accesses that PC). The other automated backup is mainly for this local machine but it is accessing folders on the third networked computer as well.

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