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Finding a Burner

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I'm so confused I could weep. I've been using Retrospect v 4.3 on a Powerbook running OS 9.1. I've been backing up to a Hyperdat II drive. The drive has died and it's out of warranty. I'd like to change to a Firewire CD RW drive.




There's the rub. The issue that I've seen SO many posts about. I want to buy a compatible drive (obviously). I've checked the Hardware compatibility section then gone in search of those drives. Sadly, most vendors don't list which device is in a drive so I can't be sure I'm getting something compatible.




I've found a couple of drives that are the speed and manufacture listed on the Dantz site - but the device info either isn't available or is different (at least from the info provided me by the tech support/sales people). I spent a couple of hours on the phone with tech support and sales from various places trying to find a drive that works and came away with no solutions.




Is there an easier way to do this? Am I missing something? Do I just need to buy drives, and keep connecting them until I find something that works?




Thanks in advance for your help here. And if someone KNOWS of a drive that works, if you have the manufacture ID so I can track one down, that would be spiffy!





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This is PRECISELY what gave rise to my other post (see other folder ref Finding a Burner) -- I spent two hours this morning doing a selection of Qualified Dantz products and printing out the list and then going to two pricetrackers on web (pricegrabber and pricemac) and spent time going thru any and all poss. permutations -- there were 4 possibles




but because the numberng system on Dantz page differs from the numbering system in the computers at various vendors, it's impossible to tell without Dantz telling you whether or not a particular burner works == here are the 4 ext. FW CDRWs I found (there are no USB or CDRs for Mac OS that I could find, still)






Yamaha CRW2100FXZ -- 16x10x40x CDRW FW external $175 [this number does appear the same]


Sony CRX1600L-A2 12x8x32x Ext. FW CDRW $160 [the Dantz number does not have the -A2]


Sony Spressa iLink 10x4x32x CDRW Ext FW $175


Yamaha 3200FXZ 24x10x40x FW CDRW $247.47 [the Dantz number is 3200FX/IX]






and as you can see, the diff. numbering causes me pause == and I'm in need of ordering today -- and don't know what to do next





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