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Creating a 'Master' Disaster Recovery ISO

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Is it possible to make a master disaster recovery iso for a given operating system? For instance, I am using retrospect on my win2k server, and I make a disaster recovery iso based on a snap shot of a client's Xp Pro desktop using a copy of XP Pro SP1 in a disk drive. In theory, retrospect took all the unique drivers from the snapshot and dropped them in a DRIVERS directory on the iso.


Step 2:

I have a 2nd XP Pro desktop, that has an add-in raid card. Can I take the drivers for that raid card and manually add them to the DRIVERS directory of the first disaster recovery iso?


Repeat Step 2 for every machine, so that one iso is ready to handle every XP Pro box/laptop in my office?





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The quick answer is no.


If the hardware of all your machines is the same then one DR CD would probably work but that does not sound like the case in your network.


You can create disaster recovery CDs at any time, even after a client has stopped functioning. I would just keep the i386 folder from the install media of each OS handy. The DR CD creation will only take about 10 minutes when you need it.




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