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When I start windows, a blank window titled, "Retrospect_UI_MainApp_Window" appears. If I exit Retrospect HD it disappears, and when i load HD, it appears again. I am running Windows XP Pro, Sp2. I have a ATI Radeon X800 graphics card. This does not appear on my laptop which also runs Windows XP Pro, Sp2 - but instead has a NVIDIA graphics card (Go 5700). It's rather annoying - any fixes possible?



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Yes - I have the latest drivers and tried to reinstall everything. This occured multiple times after formating my system and installing everything from a fresh start. I think I've narrowed down the problem to something to do with the .NET framework. Thanks for help. It is more of very minor annoyance than anything. I've had no problems or gripes with Retrospect HD otherwise. I just wish it would also have a module to facilitate synching two computers (Which is what i primarily use it for). I've just been backing up my laptop, and then restoring it on my desktop - then vice versa.

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