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Retrospect 6.5 Single Server - Member Skipped


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I use 2 backup sets with a schedule that alternates between them every day, Backup Set A and Backup Set B. I am backing up to DDS-4 tapes.

Today I noticed in the properties of Backup Set B that it had 3 members:

1-Backup Set B 9.1G

2-Backup Set B 609M

3-Backup Set B 3.2G


Looking back thru the log I found an entry that says:

Member skipped: "1-Backup Set B"

and then about 10 days later another entry that said:

Member skipped: "2-Backup Set B"


There are no other errors recorded in the log for those days or the days before and after.


Backup Set B should have been one tape.


What would cause this skipping of a member and the next member to be created on the same tape?

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Retrospect will skip media in any one of these situations:


1)The "skip to blank media" preference is checked AND the correct media is not available when the backup runs AND a blank tape is avalible.


2)The user clicks on "skip" in a Retrospect media request window


3)A "new member" backup is scheduled




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Retrospect won't do it all by itself.

Do you have the media timeout set? Does anyone else have access to the machine?





Media timeout is not checked.

The "Automatic skip to blank media" was checked. I dechecked it. But that does not explain why the media was considered blank. I should have had about 50 sessions on it at the time.


I guess all I can do is to keep an eye on it.

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