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problems with disk based files


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I have a backupset that stopped working. I choose "Verify" backupset and it fails to find the files giving a slew of errors in the log.


I did a properties on the backupset, choose members then made sure it was pointed at the "right" location. Here is the example.


I have a drive f, with a folder "DiskBasedBackups" that I point to for all my disk based backups sets. In the explorer I can see the following hierarchy was created: f:\DiskBasedBackups\Retrospect\dKronos\1-dKronos\

Inside this folder I see lots of .rdb files.


If I change where the member is pointing, then the verify will ask me to "select the backupset member: Name: 1-dKronos" on BackupFire. I can then navigate to the folder and have it selected, but I can't select it. The dialog shows "Advanced...", "Open", "Show Members", "Choices" and "Cancel". I open the "1-dKronos" folder, then the "open" goes dim, but I don't have any way to "select it".


If I choose "Choices" I can the select "Browse" and it asks me to point to the "AA0000001.rdb" file (I did this for the A0000000.rdb also). It will then continue the verify asking me for EACH of the .rdb files!


Any idea on how to get around this issue!

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