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Was First Retrospect Pro, v.7 Backup Successful?


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This question comes from a technoignoramus who's brand new to backing up.


Was the backup successful?


I backed-up from C: to E:---an external drive (3.5" in an enclosure).


In My Computer, clicking on E: shows two icons and one folder. The folder is Retrospect, the icons are Retrospect Catalog, which is 13,357 KB, and Backup Set A, which is 13, 910, 443 KB. (The C: drive has c.14 gigs used.)


Dbl-clkg on Catalog opens Retrospect. The Backup Set A Properties dialog Summary tab shows 6.7 gigs used to 36,444 files and a Catalog File, E:\Backup Set A.rbc.

Dbl-clkg on the Snapshots tab, I see two icons, C: and E:. Dbl-clkg on C: opens what looks like a tree that shows the entire contents of C:. *But* dbl-clkg on E: opens a window that shows only files suc as AUTOEXEC.BAT, BOOT.INI, etc., plus RECYCLER, retrospect, and System Volume Information.


In Retrospect's left pane, clkg on Backup Reports, opens a dialog. At the top it says 0 of 0 successful events shown, 0 of 0 unsuccessful events shown. *But* clkg on Operations Log does show a successful Immediate Backup to Backup Set A, 6.6 gigs.


Do I have a complete backup of C:? (By complete I mean files and applications.)


Thanks for reading all this;-)

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Thanks for replying. (I'd seen some of your other posts and was hoping that you'd reply.)


I checked E:\


*The Operations Log shows no errors.


* Clicking on the Sessions tab>BROWSE results in two entries: SCSIO_VOL 1(E:), and IBM_PRELOAD (C:)


Opening the SCSIO... entry shows BOOT.INI, BOOTSECT.DOS, & two folders: RECYCLER and Volume Information. Opening the IBM... entry shows what looks like a complete list of all the applications and files on my C: drive.


Looks good to me, but I'm easily fooled;-)



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