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Assertion failure error with Retrospect HD 1.0 and Maxtor one touch drive.


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I checked my hard disks for viruses using Norton, and subsequent to that I get an assertion failure at tstring.cpp-2183 when the computer first boots up and loads Retrospect, or when trying to use Retrospect. The only reference to this error in the Knowledge base is for Retrospect 7, while I have the version HD 1.0 that came with Maxtor one Touch.




You would think that simply uninstalling than reinstalling the program would fix this, but it doesn't work.




I totally deleted any reference to Retrospect and Dantz from the Registy, then reinstalled and still no go. The program used to work, and now it dosn't. It has nothing to do with the Maxtor drive, as that is turned off when the software is installed, and I still get the error message.




Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? Sadly, I have had to uninstall the program from my computer. frown.gif

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