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HD Swapping Drives


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I'm running XP with two Maxtor OTII drives for very critical data. Using HD so far works with only 3 issues.


1) After swapping drives, I have to run through the setup again (ok,ok,ok) or I will recieve an error regarding "missing restore points." "Manual backup now" never has this problem. Is there a simpler/less backwards way to get HD scheduler to recognize that the drive has been swapped?


2) I'm recieving a consistent error regarding a .jpg file failing verification. The image can be viewed just fine. I'm going to do a hard drive scan for errors and try copying the file, then deleting the original. Anything else I should try?


3) I'm recieving an error in the HD log for the E drive (Maxtor drive) regarding incorrect date/time. I read somewhere in this forum that this type of error is fixed with updated software. What is the FTP server for downloading HD updates?





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Express HD should only complain the first few times you swap drives.


Personally I would use Retrospect 6.0 instead. You can find it in the "network" folder of the Maxtor install CD. It is more complex on the surface but it will make your media swaps easier.


Move (not copy) the problem file to another disk and then back again. That will probably fix it.


The date time should affect one or two files, not the whole drive. Can you post the exact working of the error?




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