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Retrospect Version 7.0.249 ????


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08/23/05 I upgraded to Retrospect Prof. 7.0 and downloaded the file PZ2EA007000_7_0_de.exe ( german ). Install did not show me any error and I could do backups and duplicates.


But there is something very curious.

the helpdialog in Retrospect shows that I have version 7.0.249 installed and also the operations_log shows the wrong version:


+ $[15]Retrospect$[16] Version 7.0.249

Gestartet am 27.09.2005 12:34

+ Retrospect-Update, Version

Beendet am 27.09.2005 12:34



1.) In the file SETUP.INI the value for ProductVersion=7.00.326

2.) in the registry the value SOFTWARE\Dantz\Retrospect\7.0\Version = 7.00.326

3.) I downloaded the file retrospect-de-7.0.326.exe and compared it. They are exactly identical.


What is gone wrong with the install ?

Shall I ignore the wrong version number ?

Is there a difference in german versions ?


Windows XP Pro SP1

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